What is Living Well? 

What is the Living Well Company? 

Living well is a feeling and it is different for everyone. It evokes a sense of peace, excitement, joy and exhilaration. How you live and where you live directly affect your living well experience. Living well awakens great emotions. Emotions stir our souls and when our souls are stirred we are enthusiastic. When we are enthusiastic we feel joyfully connected with great places, wonderful things and the world around us. It is a circle of success and a sign of a wonderful life. It positively affects our health, families, finances and communities. 

“Live a vital life. If you live well, you will earn well. If you live well, it will show in your face; it will show in the texture of your voice. There will be something unique and magical about you if you live well. It will infuse not only your personal life but also your business life. And it will give you a vitality nothing else can give.”   Jim Rohn

Simply put, the Living Well Company distinguishes and enhances the lives of those who live well and teaches the ones who want to but don't know how

I am Bev Barton, Owner and Broker of the Living Well Company. My education and experience has led me to create this company in order to help others live well. I believe living well is our right and our responsibility. We cannot live well without looking at how we live and where we live. I have coached and have been coached for years. I received my coaching certification in order to understand individual intricacies that matter so much but are often overlooked. I love to recognize people who have worked hard, made great choices in life and understand the importance of how the right home, investments and products can distinguish and reflect their values. And lastly, I am a lifelong learner and know there are always new ways to learn how to live well and love to share this kind of information.

How many people do you know that live well? Do you? Our online classes help those struggling or looking for a better life. They offer so many benefits to so many people. They really turn lives around by providing an individual focus and a strong personal foundation.

We also recognize and enhance the lives of those already living well through our real estate services, merchandise and memberships. The Living Well Company targets people at all different stages of life from those lost or in trouble to successful multimillionaires. We really can help you live your best life. 

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