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Do you feel your life could be better? Do you need a change? Are you looking for a better job or want to start a business but not sure which direction to go? Then start from the beginning. Create a strong personal foundation for yourself. Take Class 1 and when you are completed, you will know what your vision is, why that is important to you and have some personal and professional goals. You will be more focused and determined and have a greater capacity for learning. You will then have everything you need to succeed in life. You will be accountable on your own terms and ultimately enjoy the pride and pleasure that comes from success.


We know how difficult it is to take time or apply attention to something outside of your daily routine. We also understand the importance of a strong personal foundation. That's why these classes are an unlike anything else. When coupled with your education and experience, you have an advantage that most don't have. You'd be surprised how many highly educated and prominent people don't know what their vision is. It doesn't take a college degree, it takes the classes from the Academy of Individual Management to be successful AND happy.

At this time, we offer 3 ways to take our classes listed below and we may be available for in-person classes from time to time.

"This is your world. Shape it or someone else will."

Gary Lew


This option is available at

There you can review the agenda, price, value and author of the class. When completed a certificated will be mailed to you that can be included on resumes or bios for positions.


The second option we have is to request a book. That book includes everything you need to complete the class, no printer necessary. This option is good for those of us that like to work at our leisure whenever, wherever. When you complete the class you can contact us for your certificate of completion.


And the final option is to get a group of 6 people minimum to do a class via zoom. Then you will receive a book, a schedule and we begin the interactive class that is fun and entertaining. It's good sometimes when a little support is needed.

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