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Do you service clients that are in treatment services for substance abuse, those incarcerated or on probation? Do you teach a program for alternative schools or help college or high school seniors which major to focus on? Are you a counselor that would like your client to open up more? Do you provide subsidies for people or provide job counseling?


Our classes can you help you, help your clients. These classes will assist you obtain an even higher level of success and satisfaction rates. You are already making a huge difference but now you will see, and hear the difference in your clients. And all because you provided the opportunity to build a strong personal foundation to them. These classes meet grant fulfillment and requirements of education, mental health, recidivism, substance abuse, job seeking and core competencies.  

Class should only take about 3 hours depending upon the reflection and effort that your client puts in. When completed they will be able to communication to you, a judge, an employer, their parents, counselors, etc. what they want and why with some personal and professional goals. This is the basis for change and it will be coming from your organization to them. We offer zoom classes for your clients and do have other options that may work for your organization's unique needs or requirements. Please contact to discuss.

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"Living well is an art that can be developed."

Maya Angelou

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