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The Academy of Individual Management (AIM) is here to guide you through this challenging time in your life and achieve the level of success you are searching for. This online learning opportunity is the foundation for everything else you will ever do or learn. AIM provides a foundation and a focus. You will be more determined, have a greater capacity for learning and have everything it takes to succeed in life. You will understand your individual intricacies that matter so much but are so often overlooked. This class specializes in your specialties. There will be no more excuses! You will be accountable on your terms and ultimately enjoy the pride and pleasure that comes from success!


We understand how difficult it is to take time or apply attention to something outside of your daily routine. We also understand the importance of having a strong personal foundation. That is why AIM is an unparalleled learning opportunity. Participants will know what they want, why and tools to be successful and happy after each short class. 

Other Benefits Include

  • Thinking and communicating effectively

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities

  • New beginnings and knowledge that you can succeed

  • Comfort of knowing what you want and how to be successful

  • Strategies to overcoming roadblocks

  • Managing time and conflicts

  • Resources to help you be successful

  • Becoming more employable

  • Having your resume stand out

  • Knowing the basics of starting a business

Read about the different options for Organizations + Individuals

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My life is changed forever because of AIM. I am the happiest I have ever been. I loved the fact that I got to think about what I wanted. Follow up: because of AIM I have accomplished two goals I set for myself. Mike H.

AIM is a life altering program. It really give personal empowerment and responsibility for every action in any given moment of life. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this program. I could write about the benefits for days.

Ben R.

My favorite part of these classes were interacting and learning new things about myself and my future. I now have a plan to move forward and to reach a better self. I strongly recommend AIM to anyone who wants to improve their lives. I think the classes were 100% perfect and well put together. 

Jacqui M.

Amazing! This information really opened my eyes and made me look at things from a different perspective. I started taking other classes to educate myself on one of the goals I set for myself. 

Mike S.

I like honestly everything about the classes but creating my vision inspired me the most. I hope more people get to take these classes, share their lives and get more understanding.

Jared D.

I loved this program very much and have not stopped talking to people about it. It was something I never thought I needed but in reality EVERYONE can benefit from them. Very Inspirational.

Dana T.

I liked talking about goals and being successful and happy the most. They were great! These classes would be fantastic for younger adults who are getting out of high school or college and want to know what their purpose is. It starts a first stepping stones of a path.


AIM was an awesome experience for me. It has given me the strength to stand up for myself. I learned that I'm responsible for my own actions. It also helped me plan for the future of my life and my kids. I am super excited to move forward in my future. AIM was amazing!!

Amanda O.

I went home after taking my class and talked to my family for 6 straight hours. It changed my life.

Bill W.

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